Pinterest and Instagram Might Steer You Wrong

When it comes to catering for your event, you need to be careful about putting too much faith and trust in Pinterest and Instagram.


These platforms are great for getting ideas. 


Some of the images can be very inspiring when it comes to giving you direction for your food display and decor themes.


But there is always a catch! The fact is the people posting these photos are looking for views and shares… that’s their objective! They are not interested in the quality of your food.


You have to find the balance between art and function.


In fact, you can achieve a beautiful food display without compromising the quality of your food.


You need to trust your caterer’s advice!


One thing I will never do is present our food in a way that will sacrifice its quality and taste.


Example… that mini pancakes on a toothpick sitting on a nice platter picture might look really cute, but in practice who wants to eat cold pancakes?  


Of course, this is just one example. I come across so many pictures that look great, but make no sense at all.


I have twenty, plus years in this industry.   I have worked in some of the best restaurants in Boston and have managed 1000’s of events at hotels like: The Westin Waterfront, The Hyatt and The W.  I would never steer you wrong or give you advice that would compromise the quality of my food.