Catering Service on Short Notice

We love the opportunity to offer you “Catering Advice” that can also help you on all aspects of event planning.

Let’s talk about “Short Notice.”

Yes… it is possible. And a great example to use is how we are able to help our client, Eversource at the last minute.

Eversource expects a lot of their employees and subcontractors when storms threaten to knock out power. Therefore… They treat them well! They set up meals for them all day for multiple days.

While this is hard work for sure… we are able to pull off feeding a lot of people with catering services on short notice.
Since mother nature does not plan events, this is expected. But you have a little more time (probably).

While we probably can pull something off for you, what are the cons of short notice if you were to “procrastinate?”

Availability. We can not be there for every situation like we are for the power company.

Product Availability. As you get closer to your event if you don’t have the details of which food nailed down, there is a chance it may not be available, thus limiting your options.

Prep. Some selections require much more prep time than others if it is available.

If you have the luxury of time… use it!