Per Person Catering or Per Tray Catering

A conversation we have a lot with customers planning all sorts of events is…


“Per person or just make sure we have enough food to feed everyone?”


It is definitely a good idea to let us know how many people will be eating.


And the “per person” exact number applies to certain menus. In fact, some of our menus are only “per person.”


Most of our deli options and even our new “curated” lunch catering menu are geared toward having the right amount of food for the head count.


And of course… plated meals and staffed buffets are all carefully calculated to the guest count. (Always plenty of food too!)


It really depends on the event!


Also popular are our tray favorites for catering (with 20 servings per tray) and our hot and cold hors’derves priced by 50 pieces.


These options are great for delivery or just basic set up.


We love to help our customers and clients properly plan out their events so they can get the experience they want, the food they want and still stay on budget! It just takes a little collaboration.